On March 23, 1968, 800 to 1,000 young demonstrators gathered on Wittenbergplatz for a rally against the war in Vietnam and the American stance and involvement on the Vietnam War. The demonstration was approved by the police and proceeded peacefully.

US military support for South Vietnam began in February 1965 when US President Lyndon B. Johnson bombed Communist-ruled North Vietnam. As of March, Johnson sent more troops to South Vietnam to fight the National Liberation Front (NLF). In November 1968, Johnson stopped the bombing. Johnson’s successor, Richard Nixon, started to gradually withdraw US troops in 1969.

Video details:

Period: 1968
Resolution: SD
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Original sound: yes
Colour: no
Source: rbb – from “Berliner Abendschau”, SFB, 23.03.1968