In 1970, the negotiations regarding the Four Power Agreement on Berlin began. After 1.5 years of negotiating, the agreement was signed by the four occupying powers in West Berlin on September 3, 1971. The Soviet ambassador, Pyotr Abrasimov, commented with “Ende gut, alles gut” which translates to “All´s well that ends well”.

The Four Power Agreement was a very valuable and important deal for West Berlin. Among others, it ensured an unrestricted transit traffic between the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin, the affiliation of West Berlin to the economic, social and legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany and the facilitation of inner-city travel.

The details for the transit traffic were regulated by the two German states in the context of the subsequent transit agreement.

Video details:

Period: 1971
Resolution: SD
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Original sound: yes
Colour: yes
Source: rbb – from “Berliner Abendschau“, SFB, 02.09.1981