<strong>What is the archive stock of footage berlin?</strong>

footage berlin features collections of the following archives:

– rbb containing TV and radio programmes
– German Broadcasting Archive (DRA) containing TV and radio programmes of former East Germany
– TV archive of the rbb media

A brief description of the stocks can be found under Our Archives.

<strong>Is the entire inventory of archives displayed on the website?</strong>
The website only shows a selection of the archives. In case you are looking for content that is not yet on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will carry out a search in the complete archive stock.
<strong>Who do I contact if I want to use stock footage for my production for commercial use?</strong>
For the content that you can already find on the website, please use the Wishlist to get in touch with us.

For content that cannot yet be found on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us using the dedicated contact form. You will also find the contact information of the responsible personnel.

<strong>Who do I contact if I want to use stock footage as an association, museum, educational institution, or a company for internal archiving / non-commercial use?</strong>
– For the stock footage of the rbb (SFB / ORB)
please use our contact form on the website of rbb media GmbH.

– For the stock footage of the German Broadcasting Archives (DRA)
please contact the archive directly: info-babelsberg@dra.de

<strong>Who do I contact if I want to use stock footage as a private person?</strong>
– For the archive stock of the rbb (SFB / ORB)
please use our contact form on the website of rbb media GmbH

– For the stock footage of the German Broadcasting Archive (DRA)
please use our contact form on the website of rbb media GmbH

<strong>What is the distinction between commercial and non-commercial use? Who do I contact in case of planned performances?</strong>
The distinction can only be made once the specific inquiry and intended use is known. For this reason, we kindly ask you to inform us about your intended use as detailed as possible.
<strong>Can I conduct my own research at the archives?</strong>
No, unfortunately it is not possible to research yourself. We will carry out the research for you according to your provided search criteria and keywords. The exact search order is clarified and agreed with you in advance.
<strong>Is the research service subject to a charge?</strong>
We offer a free preliminary search, which determines whether any content can be found in relation to the provided keywords.

A further and more indepth research with concrete search results is charged with 120.00 EUR / hour. The minimum charge is 15 minutes (30 €).

<strong>How are the search results made available?</strong>
The search results will be provided to you as PDF extracts from our archive database. Based on the database information, you can decide which material you would like to order for viewing.
<strong>Is the viewing material subject to a charge?</strong>
The provision of visual material/ screeners is charged with 3,00 EUR / minute. The minimum charge is 15 minutes (45 €).

For medium and long programmes we charge fixed rates:
30-45 minutes = 45.00 EUR
Up to 60 minutes = 60.00 EUR
Up to 90 minutes = 75.00 EUR

These rates are charged for each programme you order for screening.

<strong>How can viewing material be used?</strong>
Viewing material is only provided for research and viewing purposes. It may contain third party / foreign rights. Therefore, prior to licensing, rights clearance and editorial clearance must be provided for the desired excerpts.
<strong>How is the viewing material provided?</strong>
Viewing material are provided as video files (low-res) with timecode by download. DVD / CD is available on request.

For extensive material (with a runtime of more than 60 minutes), it is also possible to receive the material on an external hard disk, a USB stick or data carriers such as DVD and digital broadcasting tapes.

<strong>What are the costs for the rights clearance?</strong>
The rights clearance is charged with 120 EUR / hour.
<strong>How is the material in broadcasting quality provided?</strong>
You will receive the material in broadcasting quality after approval of the rights clearance and editorial clearance. The footage will be transferred to you in the material exchange format (.mxf), usually with a download link. Upon request, we may also provide you the footage on a physical data carrier, such as DVD or hard disks.
<strong>What materials are available in HD?</strong>
Since 2014, the rbb produces selected programmes in HD which we can also provide in HD. Older stock footage is generally available in SD.
<strong>How long does the provision of material take?</strong>
For commercial inquiries, the provision of digitalised material takes two to three working days. For inquiries with non-commercial use, the material is generally provided in the course of one to two weeks.
<strong>What are the costs of licensing?</strong>
The licensing fees are based on the scope of the rights:
– time (license time)
– geography (license territory)
– content  (scope of use)

The scope of rights should be defined in detail because it is also the basis for the rights clearance.

<strong>Can I use content exclusively?</strong>
In principle, we only issue non-exclusive licenses for our stock footage.
<strong>Can I change, edit or artistically alienate stock footage?</strong>
If the editting goes beyond a mere cut, it requires our approval. Please contact us.
<strong>Do I have to indicate credits for the used material in my production?</strong>
Generally, credits and correspondings logos are to be provided on printed material, for example DVD covers. When using footage of the DRA, the logo should be inserted in the excerpts. Such conditions are part of the license agreement.
<strong>Can I publish stock footage on my website and / or integrate it on Facebook & Co. (social media)?</strong>
The rights for an online use will also be determined during the rights clearance process. Please notify us about any intended online uses once you define your score of rights in the request.
<strong>Can I purchase stock footagr on behalf of a customer?</strong>
Research and license requests on behalf of future licensees can be made. The license agreement is then made with the customer as licensee.
<strong>Can I assign sublicenses to the stock footage or transfer the licenses?</strong>
Sublicensing is possible in the context of your project, for example: DVD publications with an external publisher.
<strong>Can I use stock material for several projects?</strong>
If you would like to use already licensed footage for new or existing projects, please contact us again to make a new license agreement.
<strong>Can I obtain a merchandising license ?</strong>
We do not assign merchandising licenses.
<strong>Do you offer any royalty-free stock footage?</strong>
The German Broadcasting Archive (DRA) also holds the preserved stock of the Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft (RRG). For the provision of such stock footage, we charge an archive fee instead of a license fee.
<strong>What payment options are offered?</strong>
Once you receive our invoice, you are asked to transfer the amount due.
<strong>How do I receive the invoice?</strong>
You will receive our invoices via e-mail. A printed invoice with standard mail will be sent upon request.