Archive of rbb media

The TV archive of rbb media and the predecessor company SFB Werbung include own productions. Examples for such productions are self-produced documentaries and television films. They were usually produced for the early evening programming of ARD. As the first own evening series for the ARD, “Alarm für Dora X” was produced in 1961.

Amongst others, the following productions can be found in the rbb media archive:

  • Café Wenicke
  • Christian Rother – Bankier für Preußen
  • Die Koblanks
  • Drei Damen vom Grill
  • Drüben bei Lehmanns
  • Geschäft mit der Sonne
  • Im Werk notiert
  • Jede Woche hat nur einen Sonntag
  • Jedermanstraße 11
  • Kleinstadtbahnhof
  • Kommissariat 9
  • Landarzt Dr. Brock
  • Wilhelmina